In 2011 the Government published the Localism Act which means that local people will be able to have a far greater say over the future of the Parish in which they live.

Going forward you will be asked for your views on issues such as the siting of housing, parking, Green Belt, infrastructure and many other topics with the aim to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Winkfield.

Once approved by referendum, the Plan will be adopted by BFC and will become the Local Planning Policy. This means your views will have been considered.



Following detailed research and the gathering of information the Parish Council has been involved in forming a Steering Group. The Steering Group is comprised mainly of residents from nine settlements across the Parish:

  • Cranbourne
  • Woodside
  • Maidens Green
  • Winkfield Row
  • Chavey Down
  • North Ascot
  • Martin’s Heron & The Warren
  • Forest Park
  • Kings Ride

plus three Parish Councillors.

Please do make contact with your local community representatives (Resident Associations, etc) to understand the part you can play now and in the future in helping to deliver a successful Plan which will ultimately enhance living in Winkfield for our families and friends.

We have engaged the services of a Neighbourhood Planning Consultant to guide us through the process. The process seemed daunting but now with the help and support of the consultants and a very active and keen Steering Group we are making ground and moving forward.

We have currently created 6 topic groups
  • Design and Character
  • Community
  • Housing
  • Business / Employment
  • Green Infrastructure / Environment
  • Highways / Parking / Traffic


  • FINAL Winkfield NP SA Scoping Report 180104 – Sustainability Appraisal for the Winkfield Parish Neighbourhood Plan (Scoping Report)...

  • Presentation/consultations were held on 18th and 25th November 2017…  Questionnaire results from these consultations are attached 2017 Questionnaire Results...

  • Spring 2017, Winkfield Parish Council Newsletter is now available to view online: Autumn 2017 Newsletter – NDP Website...

  • Spring 2017, Winkfield Parish Council Newsletter is now available to view online: Spring 2017 Newsletter – NDP Website...

  • NDP Presentation...

  • The Summary Report of the Residents Questionnaire is now published and can be viewed here. The Steering Group is now working towards producing draft policies and plans and as soon as these are available we will be consulting further. If you would like to get......

  • We have had a great response to our questionnaire – over 21% which is well above the National average. Early signs show that one of the largest issues is parking. Due to collations being higher than expected the final report will be published shortly. Again......

  • The deadline for questionnaire returns has now closed. Our Questionnaire “your opinions count” has been delivered to over 6500 households in Winkfield and the deadline for its return is now closed. The Winkfield Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group would like to thank all those many......


We can effect change or be affected by change… the choice is ours

Please do keep up to date with our progress. Latest information will be posted:

Additionally you are able to contact the Parish Office who will point you in the right direction for all the information you require:

Phone 01344 885110

Alternatively please fill in the form here and we will be in touch…