Winkfield Row

  • Consists of three distinct areasWinkfield Row North; South (Chavey Down Road and
    Locks Ride) and Inchmery/Carnation Drive development
  • Was once a self-contained village with employment at the Carnation Nursery
    and several local farms, but now a semi-rural ‘dormitory’ village
  • Some of the settlement lies within the Conservation Area
  • Future development must be sensitively designed to preserve
    the local semi-rural character
  • Past development has increased pressure on infrastructure, including transport,
    sewerage, surface water flooding, and school capacity.
  • The hydraulic sewage modelling of the area indicates that the foul
    network does not have available capacity downstream
  • Local objections to Locks Ride development provide a useful
    illustration of how local people view the pressures resulting
    from future housing development

Maidens Green

  • A historic settlement dating from the 13th century with a high proportion of
    heritage assets which retains an open rural character
  • The village lacks a central focus (village green)
  • New housing should be guided by the conservation area appraisal or detailed
    development brief
  • Importance of maintaining gaps between settlements, tree cover and hedgerows
  • Improvements to broadband and mobile phone signals needed

North Ascot

  • Needs a healthy alternative to traffic gridlock
  • Provide safe off road cycle routes
  • Improve greenery to reintegrate it with the Parish and reduce
    the harsh impression of concrete
  • More traditional street furniture

Forest Park

Forest Park was built during the 1980’s on land acquired from the Crown
and is bordered by Savernake Lake and the Blue Cycle Route.
It is an area of many types and sizes of accommodation to meet all needs,
community centre and shops all built within many wooded and open spaces.

  • Upgrading the beautiful Savernake Park for sporting facilities would be
  • The community centre and Age Concern centres are thriving but need
    extending, possibly upwards, if space is an issue
  • Speed limits on New Forest Ride are ignored and impede use of the
    woodland. Would welcome a crossing point: overhead walkway or
    pedestrian crossing
  • Bus service reasonable
  • Housing is very dense and no room left for any more
  • No local schools, GP or pharmacy and those we travel to can have access
  • On street parking an issue caused by extension of properties

Chavey Down

  • Considered a friendly and neighbourly area with a low turnover of residents and low crime rate
  • A strong and distinct sense of community with many generations of families living
  • Is close to ‘nature’ and good access to woodland (within 5 minutes of every front door)
    and the parks at Longhill, Lilly Hill and Locks Ride; keen to see this maintained.
    There are footpaths through woodland linking recreation areas and housing.
    It is considered vital to retain the tree cover and historic trees especially at
    Ascot Priory and the Brackens
  • Settlement made up of small groups of houses, the Church Hall creates a focal point.
  • Many local environmental and heritage assets require protection
  • Safeguarding remaining local gaps, Bracknell to Chavey Down and Chavey Down
    to North Ascot, is critically important
  • Do not want to see further deterioration of local character
  • Infrastructure fallen behind growth in development
  • Traffic calming needed, nothing but problems from new development,
    more frequent busses and more parking at Martin’s Heron Station.
  • Not averse to small scale starter and downsizer homes specifically
    reserved for local people, provided the existing communities see some
    resolution to their problems first.
  • No large scale development. No flats.
  • Design of homes should reflect Chavey Down character, should not be ‘gated’
    and should not have garages as these used for storage

Cranbourne & Winkfield

  • Cranbourne does not have a prominent central focus and is scattered along
    four interconnected roads. The area retains a rural feel due to the number of
    farms, open fields and because it borders Windsor Forest.
  • A village green and community centre would provide a much needed focal
  • There are a number of old, historic buildings and houses, one of which is the
    Parish Church of St Peter’s built in 1846 in a 14th century style.
  • St Peter’s Hall, is used as a Montessori nursery school and caters for
    community events such as scouts, cubs, drama productions and exercise
  • Cranbourne School in Lovell Road, caters for children of preschool, infant and
    junior age. Parking along Lovell Road is congested during drop off and pick
    up times.
  • The Royal Berkshire Polo Club occupies a large area at the junction of
    Pigeonhouse Lane and North Street.
  • There are a few small businesses operating in North Street. There is a small
    convenience shop at the entrance to Cranbourne Hall Park.
  • Cranbourne Hall Park has 327 residential park homes.
  • The two remaining pubs are ‘The Squirrels’ and ‘The Old Hatchet Inn’. The
    other three have been changed into flats, a small media business and a
  • The British Legion Hall is in a dormant state and the building’s future is
  • Asher Recreation Park is a welcome open space. It would benefit from
    improved drainage which would increase the use of this open area all year.
  • There is a small allotment area off Hatch Lane comprising 43 plots. The
    adjacent car park serves the allotment users, Asher Recreation Park and
    provides much needed off road parking for the parents of Cranbourne
  • Winkfield has a natural feel with farms, stables, open fields, hedges and tall
    trees. The central development around the church is separated from the
    remaining buildings by open fields.
  • A 13th Century settlement with a high proportion of heritage assets.
  • St Mary’s Church, the church yard, the dominant cedar tree and the White
    Hart Pub create an important focal point. Of particular interest is the Victorian
    lych gate.
  • Popels Hall is used as a Montessori Nursery School by day but is available for
    hire in the evenings.
  • Winkfield business is characterised by two pubs, the White Hart (grade 2 listed)
    and the Winning Post. There is Landrover Servicing in Moat Farm, Winkfield
  • Historic houses and buildings include Knights Hall, The Old Forge, Wall House,
    Foliejon Cottage and the Old Rectory.


Kings Ride, Prince Consort Drive, Prince Albert Drive and Englemere Park

  • Almost wholly residential comprising low density detached housing with substantial
    gardens within a woodland setting in the green belt
  • Closely connected with Ascot racecourse and network of bridleways used for
    exercising horses
  • 30 detached dwellings and 10 apartments consented on brown-field land at Kingswood,
    Kings Ride but land subsequently put up for sale
  • Larger replacement dwellings in Prince Consort Drive are undermining the character
    of the area.
  • A sense that green belt policy is being inconsistently applied and that there has
    been historically inappropriate development approved in the green belt,
    examples of applications for change of use.
  • Want the area to be left well alone

Martins Heron and The Warren

  • Apart from Allsmoor, which is not served by any parking, there are sparse
    recreational facilities. Savernake Lake and Park (currently managed by the
    Borough) could be developed for recreation and education and sporting
  • If development at Whitmore Bog occurs, a substantial boundary of woodland
    and open space must remain and development should not merge into
    established development
  • Improvements to off road parking provision is essential
Winkfield St Mary's Church