Heritage Asset Nomination Form

Heritage Asset Nomination Form

What are they and why do we need to register them?

  • Heritage assets are buildings, monuments, places or landscapes considered to enhance the character and attraction of the local area having archaeological, architectural, artistic or historic value.
  • These assets are not already included by English Heritage in their listed buildings register.
  • The nomination form is available in two places
    • at the Winkfield Parish Council Website (http://www.winkfieldparishcouncil.gov.uk/) where you can download and complete a copy of the form or
    • as a paper copy from the Winkfield Parish Council office in Fernbank Road, Ascot SL5 8JW.
  • Once submitted the information will be carefully considered by a small independent panel.
  • The Heritage Asset Register will be maintained by Winkfield Parish Council.

Nomination of HA Procedure

Nomination of a Heritage Asset for the Winkfield Parish Register

Definition and Purpose

A heritage asset suitable for local listing is one which is considered to enhance the character and attraction of the local area by its distinctive or outstanding architectural or artistic interest, historic connections or value, or archaeological significance, but which has not been nationally designated by English Heritage.
The reason that an asset is not nationally designated may be that it is not sufficiently distinctive of its type, the historic connection is solely local, the asset has been altered more than was considered acceptable, or in rare cases it is less than 30 years old.