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Neighbourhood Plan

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Pre Submission

Supporting Documents

Please download any relevant supporting documents if you wish to read more

Housing Employment : Download

Traffic Parking : Download

Community Facilities : Download

Green Infrastructure Assessment, Local Green Spaces : Download

Green Infrastructure Cycle Route Proposals : Download

Green Infrastructure Summary : Download

Green Infrastructure Evidence : Download

Consultation Presentation Boards 18-25 Nov 2017 : Download

Historic Environment Register and Other Historical Registers : Download

Scoping Report : Download

SEA Scoping Report & SEA document : Download

Questionnaire Results : Download

Consultation, Public Presentation Nov 2017 : Download

Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) : Download

Consultation Statement : Download

Basic Conditions Statement : Download

HRA Screening Opinion : Download

Character Assessments

Please download any character assessments if you wish to read more

Brock Hill : Download

Chavey Down East, The Village : Download

Chavey Down Road : Download

Chavey Down West : Download

Cranbourne North Street : Download

Forest Park : Download

Kings Ride : Download

Locks Ride : Download

Lovel Road : Download

Maidens Green : Download

Martins Heron & The Warren : Download

North Ascot, North : Download

North Ascot, South : Download

Winkfield : Download

Winkfield Row : Download